Frequently Asked Questions....

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    How to measure nuts and bolts?
    Bolts - Measure the length from under the head to the end of the Thread. The nominal size can be measured by measuring the diameters of the thread. Nuts - Measured by measuring the diameter of the hole and the across flats.
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    What are nuts and bolts made of?
    Nuts and bolts are made of a huge range of materials as well as different grades of materials, the main ones being: - Brass - Nylon - Grade 8 Steel - Grade 10 Steel - Grade 12 Steel - Stainless Steel - Aluminum - Titanium -
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    How are nuts and bolts used?
    Nuts and bolts are often used in conjunction with each other to fasten multiple parts together.
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    Why use washers with nuts and bolts?
    A washer is a flat metal, rubber, or plastic ring used between two joining surfaces or between a nut and a bolt to spread the pressure or act as a spacer, seal or lock.
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    Why use nuts and bolts?
    Nuts and bolts are often used because of there cost effectiveness, reliability and versatility. As well as providing a much stronger join than traditional gluing or chemically fixing two materials together.
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    How do you tighten nuts and bolts?
    Nuts and bolts can be tighten using a range on tools. The most commonly used tools are: - Spanners - Wrenches - Sockets -
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